College Student Sued Over Facebook Page

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Tomorrow morning I am speaking at the HR Professionals Roundtable on social media in the workplace. In other words, can you fire an employee for a Tweet or a Facebook status update? It depends, and tomorrow, I will get into some of the legal consequences of social media that today’s employers face.

But in the meantime, I saw an interesting article about a Michigan college student who is being sued by a local towing company after he created a Facebook page in protest of the company towing his car. More than 13, 000 local residents have joined the page, complaining about the company’s apparently less than honest towing practices.

What did the company do in response? Sue the student for $750,000, claiming that it has suffered lost business in that amount as a result of the student’s “libelous and slanderous” statements. Here is link to an article with a video of an interview of the student, Justin Kurz.

What do you think? A company trampling over a college student’s freedom of speech, or a college student who posted something that he shouldn’t have and caused a company damage?



  1. Roxanne Barnes  June 2, 2010

    Make sure you post an update to today’s post, Karen; I’m eagerly watching this one.

    • Karen Lundquist  June 3, 2010

      I’ll see if I can find an update on the case. Thanks so much for your encouraging and kind words, and for reading!


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