Monthly Membership Packages

It’s Like Having Your Own In-House Counsel!

Our Monthly Membership Packages take the uncertainty out of dealing with a lawyer

Larger companies are lucky. Just by walking down the hall or picking up the phone (without fear of the cost), they have an attorney that they can turn to whenever they have a legal question that comes up. Smaller companies don’t have this luxury. Attenza Law has the answer you’ve been waiting for.

When you sign up for an Attenza Law monthly membership package, it is like you have your own in-house counsel, but without the cost. With four membership packages to choose from, all with a fixed monthly fee, you can pick what suits your needs. Contact us to learn more or click here for an overview of costs and the services included.

One fixed monthly price for your legal services

The price you pay per month depends on the size of your company, the number of employees and your legal needs. There is no one size fits all. But no matter how much you pay per month, you know that you have access to our Minneapolis business and employment lawyers for a fixed monthly rate. Sign up for a one-year membership and you get other valuable perks as well:

  • Discounts from 5 – 15% on legal services, depending on the package you choose
  • Our annual legal check-up
  • From 1 contract drafted or reviewed, to an unlimited number of contracts during a one-year period
  • Phone consultations, from 1 hour per month to unlimited access during the month

Contract review, employee discipline or termination, disputes with a distributor…it’s all covered, either within the monthly fee, or at a discounted rate.

The biggest advantage that you get from signing up with an Attenza Law Monthly Membership Package? The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your phone call to your attorney isn’t going to bust your bottom line.

Contact Attenza Law today to sign up for a membership package and learn about the benefits you and your business will receive. Or click here for an overview of the costs and what is included.