Exporting: Easier than Ever Before

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Exporting is easier than ever before. It is a way for companies to boost sales. The economies of other countries around the world have recovered faster from the recession than the American economy has and for some goods, the American economy is saturated, while growing economies across the globe provide a fresh and untapped market.

A recent article in the Star Tribune discussed exporting and how more businesses are developing an export strategy, often with the assistance of state and federal government organizations. ExporTech is one such endeavor. It is a series of three full-day sessions for manufacturers seeking to develop international expansion plans and represents a joint venture between the US Commercial Service, the Minnesota Trade Office and Enterprise Minnesota.

For any company interested in and considering selling its goods or services abroad, it is important that it review any national legislation that might regulate the importation of the goods. For example, all goods imported into the European Union must have a CE mark, demonstrating that the product meets EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements. Tariffs are also a consideration and can increase dramatically the cost of goods, making them prohibitively expensive in some markets. Cultural considerations also need to be made as one deals with people of different cultures and languages. Our February 2010 newsletter addressed cross-cultural issues in the workplace; these issues are present in cross-cultural transactions as well.

At Attenza Law, we work specifically with companies who operate or wish to operate in foreign markets. We speak Italian and Spanish, have contacts in many parts of the world, and offer international experience that few attorneys do.


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