Facebook Pics Lead to Arrest for Underage Drinking

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And in a similar story to the one about the Canadian woman who was denied disability benefits because of her Facebook pictures that showed her on vacation and having fun, police in Wisconsin used a college student’s Facebook pictures of him drinking to cite him for underage drinking. The student had befriended someone that he didn’t know and who turned out to be a cop. Underhanded perhaps, but not illegal.

The lesson from this is (1) do not accept a friend request from someone you don’t know (kind of like the advice from your parents of not talking to strangers) and (2) don’t post pictures of yourself doing something illegal on Facebook. Facebook, like MySpace and Twitter, are not private, unlike what many people think when they are surprised about the repercussions of their postings on these sites, or on a private blog.

Seeing that this is a topic that fascinates me endlessly,  I will continue to post whatever articles I find that demonstrate the intersection of social media and the law, and how people are getting into trouble (or out of trouble) for their social media participation. If you find any interesting articles or hear of anything related to this topic, let me know!


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