Finally! News from Chile

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I lived in Santiago, Chile for about 7 months, from August 2005 till March 2006. I was doing a research project with a Chilean NGO, FORJA, that was operated by Sebastian Cox, a Chilean lawyer who has worked in the fields of civil and human rights for many years. While there, I experienced a couple of earthquakes, but nothing like what my Chilean friends experienced last Saturday.

Only today, I got an email from my friend Mario, who lives in Concepcion, one of the cities that has been hardest hit. Concepcion is the second largest city in Chile (about 700,000 people) but now, there is no electricity and no water. Buildings everywhere have been damaged and destroyed. Mario was fortunate that he wasn’t hurt, but his brother-in-law lost his father and sister in the earthquake. They can’t go anywhere because of the curfew and looting but couldn’t anyway since there is no gas available. They are waiting day by day to see what will happen.

Pray for my friend Mario and his family.


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