Is He a Good Employee Who Made a Mistake or a Mediocre Employee Who Doesn’t Accept Responsibility?

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The Small Business Blog of the New York Times had a gem of an article yesterday. It is one that is sure to strike a chord with many business owners because it hits to one if not the hardest part of running a business: managing employees. The article discusses mistakes. We all make mistakes, and this is acknowledged in the article. The article doesn’t talk about how to hire employees who won’t make mistakes, since obviously those people don’t exist since we are all humans. Instead, it tells a story about bags. The moral of the story is this:

There is an art to distinguishing between a good employee who makes a mistake and a mediocre employee who does not accept responsibility.

I will leave the article for you to read. I am curious too…have you learned the same lesson as a business owner? How have you learned to distinguish between a good employee who makes a mistake and the mediocre one who never admits it? How have you handled it?


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