Law Firms With Monthly Retainer Packages

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At Attenza Law, we offer Business Per Te, fixed-fee monthly membership packages for growing businesses. You pay a certain amount per month (from $199 to $1,269) and receive lots of benefits, such as:

  • Access to one of our Minnesota business and employment attorneys, ranging from 2 hours per month to unlimited
  • Discounts on other legal services that range from 5% to 15%
  • Review and drafting of agreements

Here is a link with more details.

However, we aren’t the only ones who offer these services. For those businesses in California and in particular in the San Diego area, Top Floor Legal offers the same convenient service of a monthly retainer. Go to the home page and see the great video that Nasir Pasha, the owner of Top Floor Legal, has created. Like us, Top Floor Legal stresses the convenience and predicatability of working with a firm on a retainer or fixed-fee arrangement.


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