Attenza Law: International Business Law Attorneys


With today’s technology and the current global economy, virtually any company is capable of selling its services and products internationally. Exporting has become easier than ever, allowing all companies to compete in international markets, increase their profits and grow their business.

At Attenza Law, we help our clients take advantage of international opportunities to expand and develop their businesses. The lawyers at Attenza Law can assist you in your international venture. Contact us for more information about our international business law counsel.

Language, Cultural Awareness and International Experience

Our international services set us apart from the competition. Many other law firms offer legal services to small and medium-sized businesses. But for those companies that have the foresight to expand their services to international markets, there are few small law firms able to offer skilled, high-quality international counsel and representation. At Attenza Law, we have attorneys who have lived and worked extensively in Italy, Argentina, and Chile.

Attenza Law  has developed a network of trusted legal associates in Italy, Turkey and South America (Chile and Argentina). By collaborating closely with its international affiliates, the firm is able to confidently provide clients with skilled, professional and personalized services, even while abroad. Contact us for more information about the international law services that Attenza Law can provide you.