Prosecutor Accused of Posting Anti-Somalian Comments on Facebook

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If this turns out to be true, you can only wonder “what in the world was she thinking???” The Star Tribune reported this morning that a Hennepin County prosecutor has been accused of posting anti-Somalian comments on her Facebook page. While certainly not advisable for any lawyer to post such comments on Facebook, Twitter or a blog, this case takes on added meaning because the comments were allegedly posted while the prosecutor was in  a trial and the defendant was from Somalia. The defense attorney has filed a motion asking the court for a hearing. One of the grounds was prosecutorial misconduct.

The article stated that this appears to be the first case of alleged misconduct by a prosecutor through Facebook posting. However, the article continues that ” legal blogs and publications are replete with examples of jurors getting in trouble and causing mistrials by failing to stay offline. A court in Rapid City, S.D., overturned a product liability verdict in favor of a seatbelt manufacturer after it came to light that a juror did Google searches on the company. In New York, a juror allegedly tried to “friend” a witness in a case involving the death of two firefighters as they tried to escape a burning building. In another case, defense attorneys tried to get a multi-million-dollar civil verdict thrown out after learning that a juror commented on the case via Twitter during the trial.”

You can read the full article here. If you have any comments about new technology, social media and the law, let me know. These subjects never fail to fascinate me!


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