Quality v. Quantity for Business in 2011

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I liked this posting in the NY Times small business blog (great reading for those of you who don’t already follow it). First, it talks about a matter that we are all facing as we begin 2011: our goals and resolutions and how we are going to improve our business in the new year.

The approach suggested in the posting is quality over quantity. In service firms like lawyers, accounting and brokers, but I would argue in all business, we need to focus on being the best in a small field, for a small segment of the market. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Let’s take an analogy from the restaurant world. How many people think that they will get a great meal at Cheesecake Factory, with its tome-like menu with choices ranging from pizza to hamburgers and sushi (not to mention the cheesecake). If you want a really good pizza, you will go to Punch Neapolitan Pizza (if you are in the Twin Cities) or if you are in New York and want macaroni and cheese, you will likely go to S’Mac, a new restaurant dedicated exclusively to macaroni and cheese. Do one thing and do it well. You can’t please everyone. There are many proverbs that we can apply to how we should do business.

For me, this means continuing to hone my marketing message.

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