Recommended Reading: Social Media and Employment

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The legal issues surrounding social media use, employer and employees continues to grow as the use of sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for professional reasons increases. This is a link to a CNN article that discusses some of the most recent cases that have arise and that demonstrate the uncertainty in this new area of law.

The article talks about the case of Phone Dog v. Kravitz, where a former employee who took his more than 17,000 Twitter followers with him after he left his job at Phone Dog, a website that reviews mobile gadgets, is now being sued by his former employer for ownership of those followers. While employed for Phone Dog, Noah Kravitz used the account name @PhoneDog_Noah; after he left, he changed his name to @noahkravitz. Once he set up this new account, he began sharing things he wrote for other tech sites, a move PhoneDog said wasn’t fair because the company had helped establish his online identity on Twitter and elsewhere. The employer is now asking for damage equal to $2.50 for each Twitter follower that he brought with him to the new account name. With 17,000 followers, that amounts to $42,500!

In the article, there is also mention of the importance of a social media policy and how many companies are now implementing one and requiring employees to follow it.

What about in your company? Have you got a social media policy? Is it followed and enforced? Have any employees ever been disciplined for their social media use?


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