Minneapolis Corporate Trainings and Legal Workshops

Attenza Law is now offering corporate trainings and legal workshops. We are doing so through Attenza Training, a separate legal entity focused exclusively on providing innovative, interesting and topical trainings and workshops. We offer the following courses:

Legal Boot Camp: Legal Boot Camp is aimed at students of vocational and tech schools, those who are learning the tools of the trade that they will go out and practice. Often, they will do so by starting their own business, or by purchasing an existing one.  However, while the trade and vocational schools might teach students the skills they need, they don’t provide them the information that they need to run a business. Our Legal Boot Camp will. Click here for more information about Attenza Training’s Legal Boot Camp.

On-Site Corporate Trainings on Employment Law: If you are a business owner with employees, you know how complex employment law can be. Can you ask another employee to cover up a tattoo or body piercing? Can you monitor your employees’ email and computer use? Can you fire an employee for something that she wrote on her Facebook page? There isn’t always an easy answer. Attenza Training offers legal workshops to answer these questions and more. We offer them at your workplace so that we can discuss confidentially what issues you are facing at your workplace. Click here to learn more about Attenza Training’s on-site legal workshops.

Other courses and classes can also be arranged according to your needs and interests.

You can contact us at info@attenzalaw.com or at 612-702-1399 for any questions or for more information about the trainings and courses that we offer.