Legal Boot Camp: The Basics of Business Law

Students at trade and vocational schools learn the skills they need to succeed in their career…stylist, electrician, plumber or massage therapist. What you don’t learn is how to start a business. Attenza Training’s Legal Boot Camp will teach you that. Our experienced business and employment attorneys will teach you the basics of business law in areas like:

We offer the course at schools throughout Minnesota and across the country. We travel to you because we know how hard it is for students who are already busy juggling their course load, family life and work life, to take the time to go to another school for a course, no matter how important it might be. We make it easy.

We also make the courses interesting and relevant. The classes involve interactive exercises of real-life situations that they students will be facing as they start their own business upon graduation. We will answer questions like:

  • Do I have to hire this person as an employee, or can I make her an independent contractor?
  • How is a commercial lease different from a residential lease?
  • If I am a graphic designer, do I get to keep the rights to the logos that I create for clients?

Contact us today to learn more about Attenza Training’s Legal Boot Camp or click here for a brief overview of the classes.