Minneapolis Corporate Training Courses

You aren’t a lawyer…so why do legal issues keep you up at night?

As a business owner or HR professional, you likely struggle with employment law questions every day:

  • Are there legal risks of screening job applicants if you do an online search of their LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace page?
  • Can you ask an employee to take a drug test if you think he is drinking on the job?
  • Can you have English-only rules in the workplace?

These are confidential issues about your employees and your company. You don’t want to discuss them in front of just anyone and want answers that are tailored to your situation. Attenza Training can help. Our Minneapolis business attorneys offer on-site corporate training courses at businesses around Minnesota and the five-state area.

We offer a wide variety of workshops, each one focused on a burning employment-law issue facing companies today. Topics include:

  • Religious accommodations
  • Drug and alcohol testing policies
  • Social media in the workplace
  • Privacy and employee monitoring
  • Legal issues in diversity

We come to your place of business for your convenience and offer the workshops as packages or as mix-and-match. Contact us to learn more or click here for a brief overview of the workshops.