Web presence a “must” for small and medium-sized law firms

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Just in case someone still had their doubts about the Internet and websites, an ABA panel has concluded that a web presence is a “must” for all small and medium-sized law firms that want to compete against the “big guys,” i.e. the big law firms. Greg Siskind, founder of Memphis, Tenn., immigration firm Siskind Susser, stated that “if you want to compete against the the big boys, you have to look like you can.” An effective website is the best way to do that and can be done at minimal costs.

The article, found on law.com, also discussed other forms of social media, such as blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn. Panel member Tim Stanley, founder and owner of Mountain View, Calif.-based legal information company Justia Inc. stated that it isn’t uncommon for blog traffic to “totally dwarf” the traffic that a firm’s website receives and tells about how a blog can be used to increase a firm’s profile within the traditional media. For example, he said, if a blogger references a news article, it’s a good idea to include the title of the article, the author’s name and a link to the article because writers frequently search the blogosphere for their names and will often contact bloggers who reference their work.

The caveat about blogging? You have to be sure that you can maintain it by updating it with new blog postings at least once a week, if not more often. No one comes back to a blog that shows its last posting 3 or 6 months ago. Updating and revising old postings is also important for search engines, which like new material.

In sum, the article reiterates a fact that many attorneys and firms have known for some time: the new media provide an excellent way to level the playing field with larger firms and get exposure at lower costs than ever possible.


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