When Is All This Technology Just Too Much?

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I could relate to an article in today’s New York Times small business blog, You’re The Boss: The Art of Running a Business. The post asked the question of how much technology is too much and whether it is the best way for businesses to grow their business.

Many of us have been led to think that social media and technology are the panacea for our client development and business growth needs. Set up a Facebook page! Tweet! Start a blog! But many business owners have been left with a lot less time on their hands (managing and updating the social media tools takes time) and with the question of whether it is worth it. I know I have had this thought recently (hence the fewer blog postings in the last month), as you feel like you are posting, tweeting or facebooking into the virtual black hole.

The gist of the article is that it isn’t always worth it. What consumers want is precisely what social media and technology can’t bring: human interaction. Several business owners were profiled in the article, and their conclusion is that there is nothing like picking up the phone or dropping by to see a client or potential client to develop business and help it grow.

I agree 100%. This is especially true for a law firm, where our clients have to know and trust us in order for them to feel comfortable turning over their business matters to us. This is equally true for many other professions and businesses. So don’t hide behind the social media and think that it will cure all your woes. In the end, doing it the old-fashioned way — hitting the pavement, dialing the phone and meeting potential clients — is likely the best way to grow your business and developing your fan base.


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