Women-Owned Businesses Grow, But Lose Ground as far as Total Business Revenue

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Interesting news that came out at the end of last month. Interesting and also a bit discouraging. We have heard how the number of women-owned businesses continues to grow and outpace the number of businesses that are opened by men. Women-owned firms (like Attenza Law) now account for 29% of all businesses within the United States.

That sounds encouraging and might lead you to think that women are, indeed, leveling the playing field. However, then you read that the overall share of total business revenue that women-owned firms represent has actually dropped, to 4% from 4.4%.

What accounts for that and what is holding women back? That is the title of a blog posting on the NY Times Small Business Blog. The article discusses “unconscious behaviors” of women, such as the aversion that many women feel towards pursuing risk or power. Whether that is nature or nurture remains up for debate.  Societal pressure on girls to “dumb down” and not pursue studies in science and mathematics was also mentioned as a reason for the lower performance of women in business and women-owned firms, as well as women putting their family and personal life ahead of their career.

The topic is interesting and lends itself to debate….the floor is open for thoughts and comments….what do you (both men and women readers) think about women in business today?


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