Would You hire an Attorney That You Found on YouTube?

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I love marketing. Maybe my third career (after teaching, then law) should be in marketing. In the meantime, I continue to read about it and study it to determine what avenues of marketing I can and should use with my firm.

Lawyers have come a long way since the 1970s, when we were prohibited from even doing advertising (this is still the case in many countries, such as Italy and Turkey, where no attorney advertising is allowed). The talk now is about social media and the Internet…how should lawyers use these tools of marketing for promoting their firm? Law is a notoriously conservative and slow-to-change profession (I’ve even heard of lawyers who still refuse to use a fax machine!). But there are firms that are trying to lead the race to adopt social media and new forms of technology.

One of these firms is Trantolo & Trantolo, a New Jersey law firm that is using YouTube to market to potential clients. Here is a video — an interview with one of the firm partners — that the firm posted on the site. It is aimed at victims of a plant explosion. At the end of the interview, the attorney provides information on their website about how victims can file a claim (preferably with his law firm, of course!).


The question remains of whether this is an effective marketing tool for attorneys? Will potential clients look for an attorney on YouTube? It is true that the younger generations are more comfortable with using the Internet for just about everything and many people use Google or other search engines for finding an attorney. But YouTube?

I’m not so sure, but maybe that is me looking at it from the eyes of a conservative and, ah, shall I say, mature attorney. Would you hire an attorney that you found on YouTube?


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